Our  Story

Frustration Leads to Opportunity!

I played my first trivia night with co-workers in 2018It was a blast but I came away frustrated with the quality of the event.  The questions were either mind-numbingly easy or wildly obscure and niche.  Furthermore, the host lacked preparation, showed indifference to his guests, and his music selection  was garbage  seemed out of place.  

I told my co-workers how the event could be more engaging and function more smoothlyThere were parallels between my experience as a high school teacher and hosting trivia.  As good friends do, they told me to prove itLittle did I know, that three years after that conversation I would quit my teaching job to run Big 5 Trivia full time. 

My goal is for each trivia night to be as entertaining and engaging as possible!  These events are meant to bring people together while also generating revenue for local business.  I hope you enjoy it and bring more of your friends to play!

Thanks for playing and supporting local businesses in this community!

-Kevin Krumrey

Owner / Head Emcee